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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What Can WiFi Technology Do For You?

Wifi (wireless fidelity) has brought a new dimension in the field of wireless networking. The transmission of data is done through the radio waves in the free space. It cuts down the cost of laying down the cables for network connections. Wi-Fi allows the user to access the Internet anywhere in or around the given location, but requires a separate Internet service.

These days Wifi hotspots are installed in various public places, where people can connect to the network such as, Libraries, Hotels, college campuses, office buildings, coffee shops, and many other public areas. That made business users who can gain extra work time, by squeezing in Internet time at various Wifi hotspots in need for the service.

Having a good Wi-Fi experience directly translates into a satisfying Internet experience. Hence we see that wifi has numerous advantages. If we consider the present world, we find that the demands for the wifi connections are increasing. People are beginning to appreciate the advanced features wifi network provides to the user. Due to its increasing demand the scope of the wifi network is also on the rise.

You can have a better speed of Internet connection by using wifi network. Since the bandwidth provided by wireless cutwork is large connection speed between two nodes is faster. It is also faster to transmit data between two devices connected through wifi. Wifi cuts down the cost of laying down the cable for network connection. With no wires attached it is possible that the sender node can be mobile. The equipments required to fully establishing the wifi network anywhere is relatively cheap. So the cost incurred in establishing the wireless wifi connection is cheaper and also very easy to install. Wifi established in small place do not even need the wireless routers.

Wifi is rather amazing, you can surf the world, download songs, send email and transfer files conveniently at high speed and at some distance away from your Internet connection. In addition you do not have to call or pay electrician to string the Internet network wiring in your home. If you wish to move your computer, you can just pick it up and make the move. Wifi is actually quite simple, useful and most of all convenient.

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