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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Manage your office document in Palm Treo 750

If you want to be well connected to your office activities while you are away from office, palm Treo 750 should be the ultimate choice. Important features which can help you are :

Microsoft Office Word Mobile: Its possible to create or edit Microsoft Word document in Treo 750. You can receive MS Word document via mail. Open document in your mobile, edit them and mail them back. In the improved version of MS word, you can view tables or images in the document. New document can be saved as DOC, RTF, TXT and DOT files.

Microsoft Office Excel: Same as MS word document, you can create or edit MS Excel document . With this mobile your can be synchronized with your desktop and carry your Excel file any where.

Microsoft Power Point: Transfer your native power point document to your mobile and you can modify them whenever you want even if are not close to your desktop. Take advantage of built-in support for presentation elements such as slide transitions, animations, and URL links. Zoom in for a closer look.

Picsel PDF Viewer: Not only MS Office document, you can carry PDF files also in your Treo 750 mobile phone.

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