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Friday, January 12, 2007

IM-U170: New Metallic Slim Phone from Pantech

  • Pantech Group has announced the launch of its IM-U170 handset, a slim phone fully wrapped with a metal case as part of its design innovation initiatives.
  • The new IM-U170 clamshell handset features enhanced both refinement and durability, coming in a full metal case made of magnesium. The metallic keypad - beamed with EL* light- is another addition to the simple and refined design of the phone, crowning the metallic touch of the phone.
  • The new handset provides a fresh and fun way to play an interactive game, which is the world's first face-recognition mobile game in the industry. The built-in camera traces the movement of the user's face to use for input instead of controllers. Users can have their real-time faces while playing games with the IM-U170.
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